Does this sound like you?

🌟As a woman of faith, all you wanted to be was to be a good Christian wife to your husband and an amazing mom to your children.

✅You give your marriage your all; your love, your energy, all the resources you have. Loving, respecting and submitting to your husband as instructed by the scriptures.

✅You make tasty meals, keep the house clean, you make sure the kids are okay and well behaved, but you notice that no matter what you do and how you did it, what you say and how you said it or how hard you tried, nothing ever works and you seem like a failure.

✅ You say to yourself; all marriages have their ups and downs, I need to be patient and continue to pray. I am a woman of faith, and I’m supposed to lay down my life in serving my husband and family.

🚨Then you notice that conflicts are never resolved until you took full responsibility; it doesn’t matter who’s is at fault. For the relationship to forward, you have to take the blame and beg for forgiveness for implying that your partner might have done something wrong.

What you do

✅You forgive over and over again. You get pushed to the wall again and again. You become fed up and decide to approach him about how his behaviour is impacting you.

⚡️This is in line with Matt 18:15 which says if your brother or sister sins against you, go privately and point out the offence. If the other person listens, you have won them over.

😕Instead of empathically listening to you, you are called a bad and unsubmissive wife/woman; for having the boldness to even speak about how you feel.

This behaviour goes against Matt 18:15 above.

Did you notice where it say “ if the other person listens?

🌟The problem you now have in your hands is if they are willing to listen, which is negative in the majority of cases.

💡The unwillingness to listen, I believe, is because they think they are within their rights. When a person believes that it is within his rights to do or demand something, there is nothing you can about it unless there is a change in their mindset.

😔You leave the meeting disappointed and invalidated. You begin to walk on eggshells, picking your battles carefully in other not to disrupt with looks like peace in the relationship, or you risk being condemned and Shamed.

✅You feel burnt out and exhausted.

You begin to spiritualize your relationship/marital problems.

You fast, pray, read books on how to be a better Christian wife, attend counselling, marriage seminars, even go for deliverance but nothing seems ever to work.

The more you tried, the more it feels like you are fuelling some fire.

Sometimes, things may seem fine and would feel like the best marriage ever. And you say yes! 😁Thank God, the lines are finally falling into me in pleasant places, the gates of heaven are open, and my prayers are finally being answered. Hallelujah!!!

💔Then all of a sudden. Things go south, and you’re left wondering what’s going on?

💔When you look in the mirror, reflection you

get is that of a confused, insecure, stressed-out and unhappy woman who is slowly but surely dying inside.

You seek help

💔You run to your family, friends and religious community for help. Still, you are met with resistance; you are told to pray more, love and respect him more, give him more sex, cook better meals, turn the other cheek, keep forgiving, some will even tell you to do whatever he says; without considering what cost it is to you.

🔥They pick a few verses in the scriptures to induce in you, Guilt and Shame, they use these verses to condemn and bully you into subjugation and call it submission.

🤢You free like you are drowning because no one seems to understand how much you have and still are trying.

You begin to wonder where God is and what he thinks about your situation.

😭You soul cry’s for help, air and freedom, but you say to your self. There is no way out of this. I’m stuck in this situation for life. You remember your wedding vows: for better or worse until death do you both part.

Sometimes you wish you died to end it all since it seems the only logical way out since God hates divorce, right?

Does this sound like you?

🌟If what you have read so far resonates with you, you indeed are experiencing a deep confusion and pain about your marriage, 💡and there is hope for you.

The bible says, and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Be Comforted

💡The word of God used to condemn you, in there are also is the truth of who God is and his word to set you free from every guilt, shame and condemnation.

❤️Remember this Gods will is that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

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