Emotional Abuse: When Gifts Become Traps

Gift Giving

Gift-giving, no doubt, plays an essential role in our social fabric, and it is a reflection of the giver and the receiver.

We give and receive gifts to; aid the connection of new and the reconfirmation of pre-existing relationships, to help others, to receive something in return, as a way to express love and commitment.

There are a whole lot of reasons why we give gifts.

While ordinary people give out of generosity and share their abundance to bring a smile to the faces of their nearest and dearest, typically, without expecting anything in return, for the narcissist, gifts are a symbol of demand and submission.

Gift-giving is one of their methods of depositing into your bank of trust with the expectation of making a lifetime of emotional, psychological, financial and physical withdrawal.

Gifts provide the narc with an opportunity to manipulate and exert control; they are depts and a tool for seduction. Accepting these gifts is akin to signing an unwritten contract to give back immeasurably on demand. But the problem with the narcissist is that you can never really reciprocate accordingly enough for them.

The Narcissists Expectations:

  • They demand your steadfast loyalty, passivity and subjugation.
  • They will feel entitled to your entire life, time and resources.
  • The expect an unending show eternal gratitude and admiration.
  • They feel they have your permission to abuse you. That is why the narc will make every effort to guilt-trip and silence you by being quick to remind you of all they have bought or done for you.

If you genuinely desire a simple and uncomplicated life, accepting gifts from these sorts of people is something you must avoid at all cost!




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