How Can I Thrive

A clear purpose and direction in life help us restructure even the most challenging situation into opportunities for development and growth.

It makes difficult times less terrifying because you have something to look forward and empowers you with a renewed sense of motivation even in the face of adverse tribulation.

A burning sense of purpose produces resilience and the power to stand and to fight through any form of hardship.

It keeps your eyes on the price as you jump through the hurdles to get to the finished line.

When We Lack a Defined Goal

Life gives you a default purpose in the absence of a clearly defined life goal, and you invariably become indifferent towards life when your goal is lacking or unclear.

If you have been in an abusive relationship.. you will be able to relate to the times when you lost your self.

You forget about your very existence and that your life has a unique purpose that is far from being consumed with mediocrity that takes exceptionally unique circumstances to jolt you back to reality.

One thing I can relate to is this! The awareness and conviction you have that you are on planet earth on a mission will ignite in you an uneasiness that will cause your purpose to call out on behalf of your destiny.

Having a sense of purpose is not enough because it can be watered down to the extent that you forget that you are an individual but has unconsciously or even willingly adopt the functionality of existing as an extension of another person.

You are eventually brainwashed into accepting and believing that you are entitled to live and have the measure of life they permit you to have.

My Main Point!

How secure is your sense of purpose, how strong is your drive to achieve success, how insurmountable is your desire to break barriers? 

Are you easily discouraged in the face of setbacks?

What does obstacle or rejection mean to you?

Failure, Obstacles and rejection are part of life.  They are essential to development and growth.

A person with a strong sense of purpose thought they might fall victim and fall off they will always rise above the waters.

The belief that there must be another way is ingrained in their system. And there is and always will be another way. You have to find it by trying something new and different. You never know.

Take These With You!

We all have our life purposes, and it is our responsibility to discover and make sure we fulfil them.

The awareness that you are not on planet earth by accident and then you were not meant to exist, but thrive and make an impact.

If you live as though you do not matter, You will, like bees to nectar attract individuals who will use your life to their advantage to achieve their own life goals.

Never allow anyone to stop you from living the life you have been destined to live or achieving the success you were supposed to accomplish.

Your time is priceless and your most valuable asset, it represents your life. Use it wisely. Do not waste it!

Break the shackles of limitation and remember, just like everyone else, you equally matter!

See you at the top!




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