How to Reprogram Your Mind

Every machinery launched against you, whether deliberate or not, must be undone if you must reclaim your life after abuse.
The brainwashing process that made you susceptible to abuse occurred outside your realm of consciousness. You were not aware that was happening.

Now that you know, it is your responsibility to rid your mind off every false self-limiting belief by deprogramming and subsequently reprograming your mind with the truth.

Start by seeing the possibility of reinventing and growing a more profound relationship with yourself than you had before the abuse.

Go down memory lane. Recall how you used to be, your passion, the things you did and enjoyed doing before you went into the relationship, recall your aspirations, dreams and the future you enthusiastically anticipated.

Ask yourself what you want for your personal life; decide what you want – right now and in the future – and focus on it.

Pay Attention!

Everything you have been made to believe about yourself is a lie. They are meant to take away your power to choose and subsequently strip away the possibility of you eventually asserting your self-worth and also make you believe that you are less deserving of being treated right.

They were meant to break down the core of the soul, making you easy access to control and manipulation.

Tips To Reprogram Your Mind

  • Decide what you want for your life and focus on them
  • Cut off all forms of contact or association if possible.
  • Make an effort not to allow the narc into to your thoughts, with the time you will begin to identify with yourself again.
  • Educate yourself on the forms and abuse and their aims
  • Seek the truth, think critically and reach your conclusions from your reasoning and life experience.
  • Get social, meet new people, build healthy and meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Surround yourself with positive-minded people who speak life into the core of your being and existence.
  • Invest in yourself by doing the things you once enjoyed doing. Do them even when you feel unconfident or lost.
  • Always remember that you are a brilliant person who is worthy of respect and honour.
  • In cases where you have been programmed to respond a certain way by default to the narc, self-awareness and mindfulness are essentials tools to help you make null and void every psychological grip on you.
  • Take active steps to overcome your fears. Have the courage to walk into situations you fear; I know it is not as smooth and straight forward as suggested.

You will come to realise that it wasn’t as terrifying as you thought and will find how you grow in confidence with each huddle you cross.

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