How to Stop Being Afraid

What is Fear?

Fear is that feeling you get when you are worried about something going wrong.

It is an essential response to physical and emotional danger, and It induces the sense of anxiety, insecurity and brings about a change in behaviour such as fleeing, hiding, avoidance etc.

It is a feeling induced by perceived danger and can be rational (appropriate), or irrational often referred to as a phobia.

One can also become fearful as a result of misperception or mid judgement of situations.

Fear can be sabotaging because it places a limitation on one’s life and restricts us from moving forward. Unfortunately, the only way to overcome fear is by having the courage to facing or confronting that which you fear.

You Can Be Groomed to Become a Fearful Person.

For example, when you live in a volatile and unpredictable environment, you are bound to live in fear and walk on eggshells to make your living environment a stable and predictable one.

In unhealthy relationships, the ability to make you fearful is a very essential arsenal to an abuser because abusers are often living in fear and the obsession of having a predictable outcome in situations.

So they cause your living situation to become unpredictable, you become fearful of them and enthusiastically become preoccupied with achieving a predictable environment for yourself.

What Fear Does to You

  1. Fear makes you a psychological hostage to the one feared because you are willing to voluntarily place the ownership of your life in the hands-on another and alter your behaviour.  This is self-sabotaging and will eventually lead to a life of misery, slavery and stagnancy.
  2. Fear makes you susceptible to control and manipulation by your willingness to engaging in self-sabotaging behaviour like saying yes when you wanted to say no
  3. Fear makes us over-conscientious and encourages us to participate in destructive people-pleasing patterns.
  4. Fear makes us suppress legitimate anger and robs us of our personal growth and freedom.

Indulging in self-sabotaging behaviour in other to get rid of the awful feeling of fear doesn’t help anyone but prolongs your suffering.

An essential step in overcoming fear is to take action and confront what torments you. Passivity in the face of that which you are afraid of is highly detrimental.

While it is typical to want to avoid the things we fear, avoidance prevents us from changing our situations and learning that the things we worry might not be as dangerous as we think.

Gradual and repeated exposure to that which we fear the most is key to overcoming fear. We feel less anxious; over time, we build up confidence in those situations and fear eventually disappears. This process often happens naturally.

A significant amount of people lose amazing opportunities due to fear more than anything else.

Think deeply about your life. What’s holding you back? Are you being held back due to the fear of the unknown? If this is the case, then you owe it to yourself to take action and make change the course of your life. It is okay to be frightened. We all are afraid of something.

How To Stop Being Afraid

TIPS to Face Your Fears

  • Believe in yourself and have the courage to take deliberate steps to walk into the situations you dread.
  • Let go of self-limiting thoughts. We all can achieve anything we desire.
  • Work towards your desired goal
  • View life as an adventure and be willing to take risks.
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