A lot of us find ourselves in relationships plagued with multiple and unending issues that have proven impossible to resolve.
We have failed to realise that our relationships might be TOXIC (destructive, harmful and unsafe).
We may continue to fight for the relationship, holding on to the fact that we are still alive and going about our respective daily tasks, that the situation isn’t that bad; but fail to realise the psychological and mental damage that we are being exposed to and their long term effects on our health.
Some of us believe that because we are not physically assaulted, it couldn’t be abuse and we can continue to manage as we’ve always done!
It might interest you to know that emotional/psychological abuse is physical abuse of the brain and organ tissues
You do not have to wait until the abuse becomes physical because YOU MAY NEVER LIVE TO TELL THE STORY.

Here are Some Indicators of a Toxic Relationship.

  • You are consistently walking on eggshells in other to keep the peace so as not to disrupt the balance of the relationship.
  • You feel stifled.
  • You feel you can’t do anything right, no matter how hard you tried.
  • You are often afraid of what might be said or done to you.
  • You do everything or avoiding doing certain things not out of respect but fear, to make your partner happy but are consistently faced with criticism.
  • You sometimes feel you deserve to be hurt by your partner.
  • You doubt the reality and your account of incidents.
  • When you try to recount the incident, you are told that you imagine things or making up stories.
  • You are consistently verbally abused
  • You feel unheard and emotionally vulnerable
  • You think that you are not being treated like the adult you are but as a child.
  • You are consistently blamed for being solely responsible for the issues in your relationship.
  • They belittle you and systematically undermine your accomplishments.
  • They take advantage of every opportunity to shame and ridicule you.
  • You feel isolated from friends and family.
What have your experiences been?
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