Sense of Entitlement

  • They believe they have the right to the time, resources and life of another individual only because of who they are. Their fabulous presence in your life is more than a free and ultimate reward for you. Are you serious?
  • They crave the recognition and respect of others but do not believe in conducting themselves in manners that will naturally attract their heart’s desire. So they resort to asserting dominance, or superiority over others.
  • They impose unrealistic demands and expectations on the people in their lives in the hope that their unique qualities will be recognised and they earn respect for it. But how possible is it to gain real respect by being overbearing.
  • Lack of gratitude: They do not understand the concept of grace; They believe whatever they receive is what is owed them. Why should they be thankful when all you have just done is hand over to them what is rightfully theirs.
  • Lack of empathy: They have no remorse or feelings as to what cost it is to you to serve or meet their needs.
  • Objectify the people in their lives and see them as a means to an end.
  • They demand, demand and keep demanding while you keep giving and pouring into a bottomless pit. Relationships with people with this mindset can be draining, as you are consistently giving but no matter how much you give, it is never enough.
  • They believe what is yours is theirs but what is theirs is solely theirs.
  • They have different sets of rules for themselves.

Dealing with these sorts of character especially in intimate relationships is immensely draining because they use all manner of emotionally manipulative tactics like guilt, silent treatment, fear as tools to hold you captive so that they can endlessly receive from you.

You, caring so much about how you are perceived or what others think makes you a perfect victim for their endless demands.


  • Know and come to an understanding “that you matter”, you also have your own needs.
  • Make yourself a priority treat yourself with respect.
  • Understand that no matter how much you give, its never going to be enough anyway. So why kill yourself.
  • Take care of your needs, or you will inevitably come to resent the people you love.
  • Consider the Opinion of others as they sometimes might have something genuinely constructive but do not allow your life to be governed by them.
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