Healing from Spiritual Abuse


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Over Coming Fear

How to Stop Being Afraid

What is Fear? Fear is that feeling you get when you are worried about something going wrong. It is an essential response to physical and emotional danger,...

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse often referred to as invincible wounding, can be said to be the systematic use of non-physical malignant manipulative tactics against another individual....

Guilt Tripping

Guilt trips are a form of emotional or psychological manipulation. It is comparable to other indirect methods of communication which can be verbal or...


Vulnerability is a state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. Humans are naturally averse to negative...

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Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

Breaking Free From The Victim Trap

Victimhood encourages a consistent focus that makes one identify with the wrongs and damage done to you. It undermines your sense of self and destroys...

How Can I Thrive

A clear purpose and direction in life help us restructure even the most challenging situation into opportunities for development and growth. It makes difficult times less...



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If you feel confused and feel the need to express your deepest concerns thoughts, problems, and/or burdens in a one to one conversation, do not hesitate to chat to us via the Contact us page.

Domestic Violence Hotlines

Get emergency and referral support over the phone, If you or someone you know are in a volatile relationship.
Domestic violence hotlines are typically dedicated to women escaping toxic relationships and provide a referral to women’s shelters.
Hotlines are usually accessible at all times during the day.

Check Support

Speak to other individuals in our supportive community of domestic abuse survivors.
Our forum/sisterhood is an anonymous and safe space for women to share their experiences and support one another.